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Therapeutic and invigorating hot tubs at a fraction of the cost of new! We have a great selection. Stop by the shop and take a look.

Welcome to Classic Spas – used hot tubs experts

Our customers are savvy. They know how to get the “new” experience at a fraction of the price. You too can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic, relaxing hot tub/spa without the big price tag. Classic Spas has been providing quality rebuilt used hot tubs for 6 years. What started as a hobby is now an exciting, fast growing business. The used hot tubs we built in our early days are not nearly as awesome as the ones we build today but guess what?  Those early buyers are repeat customers!

Just recently, the very first hot tub we ever rebuilt was traded in and has been sold again. To show you how far we’ve come, we decided to document the entire process. The customer who bought it has no idea that we are filming it all and we hope you come back to see the end result when we are done in just a few weeks from now.

A Used Hot Tub Can Save You Money

Can you tell that these aren’t new hot tubs?  Neither will your friends!

Only you and your family will know (but of course, we would like you to tell your friends, both real and on Facebook).

Classic Spas - Used Hot Tubs That Work
Classic Spas - Used Hot Tubs That Work

These and most of our other completed used hot tubs started out looking like the examples of our inventory below, but with some TLC, elbow grease and a bit of imagination we create hot tubs that your family will be proud to own.

A Sample of our Current Inventory

Arctic Spa in White

Arctic Spa with Winter Cover


Awesome Arctic Spa in White For those who are looking for a beautiful wood finished exterior, this is the tub for you! This 2002 […]

Strong Spa Hot Tub - Plug and PLay

Strong Spas Round Plug and Play – 4 Seater

Inventory, Plug and Play

This Strong Spa Plug and Play model will look great on your patio. No need to run special power as these units just plug right in the […]

Arctic Spa Plug and Play Hot Tub

4 Seater Arctic Spa – A Great Find for Tight Spots

Inventory, Plug and Play

This is a rare gem; a 4 person Arctic Spa hot tub. Freat for tight spots on your patio or deck, it features 11 jets and an absolutely […]

DreamMaker Plug and Play Spa

Dream Maker Plug & Play 4 + Lounger

Inventory, Plug and Play

Plug and Play models are great for those kind of spots where it’s difficult to run power.  You just plug them in and, well, […]

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Classic Spas - Used Hot Tubs That Work

Warm up Your Winter!

You can survive any Canadian winter with a used hot tub refurbished to your specifications. Beat the stress of a long workday or commute home by jumping into a relaxing, therapeutic and inviting spa.

Full Warranty on all Rebuilt Used Hot Tubs

We provide new titanium heaters and new or rebuilt pumps. We stand behind our work with a full comprehensive warranty on all rebuilt hot tubs.

See our complete Used Hot Tub Inventory

Pre-owned factory rebuilt Used Hot Tubs at a fraction of the cost!

Take the sensible approach and treat your family and friends to a “nearly new” rebuilt hot tub and put the savings in your pocket (or take a vacation!). Our spas are restored to better than new in many cases because we have fixed the design flaws. Our experience working on hundreds of used hot tubs from nearly every manufacturer gives us a very unique perspective. We see the same defects over and over again and we change them so it is no longer a defect. As service provider partners to the companies that make them, we pass this information along to the manufacturers so they can make the needed changes to improve their products. We have a very good relationship with manufacturers and we always strive to rebuild with factory OEM parts.

If you are picking one of the used hot tubs from our inventory, you have many options to customize your spa. Every spa comes with a new cover in a color of your choice. Every spa comes with a new titanium heater. We decide if it will be a refinished or a new exterior but you always get to choose the colour. You can also choose the type and colour of jets, stereo and lighting options too.

Factory rebuilt hot tubs are great! Once your hot tub is filled and up to temperature, only you will know that it’s not a factory original unit.

Used Hot Tubs Under Restoration

Low Overhead Means Lower Prices for You

Classic Spas operates a low-cost restoration facility in the Niagara Region, which helps keep prices low. No fancy showroom (sure we’d love to have one but we don’t). No unnecessary overhead. The majority of our sales come from word-of-mouth introductions, meaning our customers have become our sales team. Without needing a marketing or advertising budget, we can pass the savings directly to you.

Nearly New at a Fraction of the Cost of New

All Classic Spas used hot tubs come with a comprehensive warranty, a new titanium heater, a new 5-4″ tapered cover, new filters, startup water treatment kit and anything else we can think of to make it a great experience for you. CCheck out our current inventory.

Which of These Used Hot Tubs Is Right For Your Family?

We fix and rebuild every make and model of hot tub ever made. That sounds like a stretch but it is the truth. We love hot tubs and making an old hot tub new again and not having it end up in a landfill, well that’s a good day at Classic Spas.

You Save Money – Meaning Years of “Free” Operation

Classic Spas Refurbished Used Hot Tubs save you thousands of dollars. A hot tub can cost $45 to $70/month to operate (or more if it’s inefficient) New doesn’t equal efficient, well insulated with correctly sized equipment for the number of jets is efficient. Depending on the model and where you live, you can operate even a large hot tub for up to 10 years on the savings from a refurbished hot tub over a new one.

Because we are a family owned and operated business, you will deal directly with the owners who will also be at your home on the happy day we install your (nearly) new spa.

Low cost financing makes ownership easy.

Click here to apply online or contact us and we will explain your options.

Find Out How We Do It.
You can find out more about our process for restoring and repairing refurbished hot tubs here, or by visiting our Thorold location in person.  It’s best to contact us before coming.  If you would like to see our current inventory, check here.

Replacement Hot Tub Covers For Any Hot Tub, Built Tough for Canada

Used Hot Tubs Cover

After proper water chemistry, the hot tub cover is the single most crucial piece of equipment to keep your water clean and to minimize energy bills. Heat rises so heat loss in a hot tub goes straight up and placing a well-made, insulated hot tub cover just above the water surface provides the necessary protection to trap that heat inside.

Unfortunately, while using even the most well made cover, the cover itself will eventually be penetrated by the water vapour, saturating the foam core. When insulating foam becomes wet, it loses almost all of its insulating properties and becomes very difficult to manage due to the weight and must be replaced. We sell only the most durable, Canadian-made replacement hot tub covers, designed to stand up to punishment from rain, sun, and snow. By investing in a properly fitting hot tub cover, you will save energy and lower the total lifetime cost of ownership of your tub.

We can replace any shapes or sizes of hot tub cover and we offer several thicknesses to match your needs and budget. All covers are made from high insulating, environmentally friendly CFC-free foam for minimal water absorption, tapered from the fold to the edges. Each new cover comes with a standard 1 year warranty. We use durable marine grade vinyl with U.V. and mildew inhibitors and add an aluminum channel down the centre for additional strength. All covers include safety latches and reinforced handles and can be ordered in any of these attractive colours:

  • Almond
  • Ambassador Blue
  • Ambassador Charcoal
  • Ambassador Chestnut
  • Ambassador Green
  • Ambassador Sand Dune
  • Ash Grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Chestnut
  • Desert Sand
  • Hunter Green
  • Light Grey
  • Navy Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Tan
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yew Green

To simplify the ordering process please complete our Hot Tub Cover Order Form which can be downloaded here.

Enzyme-based Hot Tub ChemicalsWaters Choice Spa Water Treatment instead of hot tub chemicals

Most people spend way too much on hot tub chemicals and other water management products. This has the added impact of putting too much stress on your water chemistry, your skin and of course the environment!

The benefits of hot tub ownership without the heavy maintenance schedule.

For regular chemistry maintenance we recommend a natural, enzyme-based solution that eliminates both the need for constant testing and the harsh hot tub chemicals often in use today such as bromine and chlorine.

Eliminate Burning Eyes and Itching Skin Caused by Hot Tub Chemicals

Completely toxin and chemical free, enzyme-based solutions replace hot tub chemicals safely and inexpensively.  You can simply and easily maintain crystal water clarity while protecting your family and your investment.  Start enjoying the benefits of a natural approach today by contacting us.

Our Enzyme-based Hot Tub Chemical system is so simple you might forget to order more.  Existing and new customers can sign up to be reminded every six months so you don’t run out.

You Won’t need a chemistry degree just because you own a hot tub!

Completely toxin and chemical free, enzyme-based solutions safely and inexpensively protect your family and your investment. Your water will last longer and you won’t need to be checking your spa every few days. Just add some enzyme every other week and forget it.

Pumps, heaters, and jets will last longer

Elimination or reduction of chlorine/bromine means your pillows and covers will not deteriorate as quickly. Your bathing suit will also last longer (assuming you use a bathing suit). It’s also easier on your skin and the spa’s skin! You won’t get irritated skin or rashes and your hair and skin will stay soft and smooth.

An enzyme is a protein (in most cases) that speeds up or catalyzes a chemical reaction. The natural world is full of enzyme reactions and your own body is perfect example. The digestive system is a good example as there are several enzymatic reactions involved in the breaking down, absorption and elimination of what we eat. They are also used in respiration and regulation of metabolism, and many human diseases are due to either a deficiency or a surplus of certain enzymes.

They are also used in man-made applications, the oldest being alcoholic fermentation!

How enzymes workEnzymes don’t work directly but rather they create an environment that makes any chemical reaction more favourable energetically (that is, easier to get started).  The reaction could happen in any case, but the presence of the enzyme makes it happen with a lower amount of energy.

All enzymes share four characteristics:

  • They don’t make reactions occur that otherwise would not occur (without the enzyme/catalyst); they just speed it up.
  • The enzyme molecule is unchanged at the end of the process.  It may be changed briefly, but at the end, the enzyme molecule is the same as it was at the beginning, meaning that you can reuse the same molecule over and over to speed up the same reaction.
  • Enzymes can catalyze both the forward and the reverse direction of any reaction.
  • In most cases, enzymes are very specific and will only bind to a single type of material, and thus are only good for catalyzing a single reaction.  In other words they are highly specific in their application.

Think of the enzyme as having a very specific shape that acts like a keyhole to the substrate, which is the molecule that’s involved in the reaction. The area where the substrate bonds to the enzyme and the reaction takes place is called the “active site”.  It contains the material that will speed up the reaction when the substrate attaches.  Once the reaction is complete the “product” (the newly created molecule) is released and the enzyme is free to again catalyze another reaction.

In our application the way they work is by breaking down organic material, oils, fats, detergents, dirt, pollen, and all other sorts of organic material into their base components. Enzymes are commonly used to clean up oil spills, and are especially effective in backwater inlets and bayous. It’s also effective in preventing foaming in pools and spas.

Here’s an excellent article on exactly how enzymes work, if you’d like to know more.

If you buy a new spa, you will have the most flexibility when it comes to size, colour, options, and price tag. You will also get the most up to date technology. And you will pay for it! It is a personal preference.

Benefits of Used Hot Tubs

Used Hot Tubs Undergoing Restoration

Savvy car buyers know that buying a previously-owned vehicle brings the best overall value and lowest lifetime cost of ownership.

The most compelling reason our customers buy from us and endorse us to their friends is the perceived value. Our used hot tubs offer more “mileage” and your dollar goes further. Typically, our spas sell for prices less than half the cost of a new spa.

Your risk is lower when you’re letting your $ go further. The savings on used hot tubs from Classic Spas can be greater than the operating cost of the spa over five years! Own a known brand, with the benefit of a warranty, and put the savings toward operating your new purchase.

About Classic Spas

Hot Tub Restoration is our Specialty!

Our hot tub restoration facility is in Thorold, ON.

Used Hot tubs undergoing Water Test

The first thing we do when renovating a hot tub is determine the condition of the shell. If it’s in good shape with no cracks, everything else can be fixed. Actually the acrylic can be fixed too but it is not cost effective in many cases.

We bring it into the shop and tear it down, strip the old foam insulation and remove the critters. Mice, possum and snakes all seem to love the warm underbelly of the hot tub and they don’t need much of a hole to get in. This is why we take care to make sure there are no holes for them to enter after we are done. The foam itself is inert and nothing really grows on it, so mold from water damage is rarely a problem.

After removing the foam and all the equipment, we rebuild the frame that supports the tub. If the tub has been leaking or there’s ground moisture, some of the wood or metal parts will be rotted. Those parts get replaced. While this tear down takes place, we examine all of the mechanical parts, pumps, blowers, spa pack, top side controls and ozonator. The most common problems we find are seized pumps and leaking knife valves. After working on hundreds of tubs from just about every manufacturer, we now recognize and catalogue the design flaws that we see over and over again. Then we fix them. For example one manufacturer used the wrong glue to join two parts. Initially, it works but after 7 – 10 years it fails nearly every time. And we see this kind of thing all the time.

Hot Tub Restoration

The pump is made up of two parts, the motor, which can be one or two speed and the wet end. There is a mechanical seal in the wet end that wears out and begins to leak causing the drive shaft to rust where the two meet and eventually, the pump seizes up. It is nearly impossible to get the wet end off without breaking the impeller. Once this happens, we just replace the entire wet end.

We test the electronics and replace the heater element even if it is still working, because this is the most common cause of ground fault problems in older tubs. And now we use titanium elements in nearly all upgrades. They cost 3 to 4 times as much as the traditional versions but last 10 times longer.

We replace the pressure flow switch and test all the fuses, relays and sensors. Our goal is to make this older tub better than the original. Not always, but we often succeed in meeting this goal.

Used Hot Tubs Finished Restoration

After the internal structure is rebuilt, it’s time for the water test. Common problems occur with the seals around the light fixture and lower drains (since we have stripped all the foam insulation, it is easy to see where a leak is). As required, we replace the seals or in some cases, the jet housings themselves and then we water test it again. At this point, we will have all the mechanical parts in working order and we test the lines under full pressure. If the hot tub has been turned off in the winter, we will sometimes see damaged hoses in the lower parts of the hot tub, which we cut out and replace.

Once the tub is structurally sound and fully functional, we address the exterior restoration. Weathered panels are sanded down and stained to a factory like finish. Missing panels are replaced and the entire exterior skirt is attached to the repaired frame structure. Once the tub has been finished, we water test one more time. With no leaks and everything working normally, we deliver it to the customer. If any problems arise in the final test, we fix them too. No tubs are shipped that are not in perfect working order. Period.

Having said that, transporting an older tub can cause things to break, come loose etc. so if there is a problem, it shows up right away. Through our experience, we have seen a lot these situations and have vastly improved how we move tubs so these things don’t happen. But if it does happen, rest assured, we will fix it. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

Before Restoration

Used Hot Tubs Before Restoration

Before Restoration

After Restoration

Hot Tub Restoration - After Picture

After Restoration

Meet Darren Rothwell, Classic Spas’ founder.  Darren is responsible for creating the “like new” experience our customers enjoy and manages our hot tub restoration operation.

“I started out fixing anything someone wanted fixed and eventually realized I was pretty good at fixing hottubs and people would pay me to do it. I get calls everyday like: “Are you the guy who sells used hot tubs, my buddy said you can fix my hot tub” Yes I’m the used hot tubs guy and I can fix it.”

Darren RothwellThis is Darren’s Story in his own words:

It’s like recycling but a little different. Just about everything in my shop was once headed to the landfill. Albeit reluctantly in many cases, for what ever reason, circumstance and time restrictions your old stuff has to go now. You hate to throw it away but, you no longer want to pay for storage or a parent passes away and you don’t have room for everything, down sizing your home or moving. There are lots of reasons.
I take unwanted, worn and discarded items and make them useful again. Some times it’s just a simple repair and sometimes it is a complete makeover.
I refinish and update solid wood furniture. Rebuild hot tubs, fix computers and electronics, restore leather, appliance repairs and more.

This started out as hobby, fixing things for family and friends. It grew from there. I watched a show about upcycling and landfill diversion which piqued my interest and started me down this path. Green is the future, right?

Fast forward 6 years and now I only do hot tubs. The thing I love most about what I do now is the diversity of projects I can do any given day from carpentry to chemistry.

It’s not just me now though, so I have one rule for everyone that works here:
The minimum acceptable quality standard is as good as the original manufacturer produced it. And then I ask them to make it better…and they do.

Classic Spas Service Area

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